The Final 100 Days - October 1, 1918

The Canadian Corps had licked their wounds overnight, and prepared to carry out the day’s operations. 
At 5:10 AM, the 43rd and 52nd Battalions launched a head-on assault on German positions west of Cambrai. In spite of heavy machine gun fire from the German defenders, the Corps managed to clear out a number of trenches, and captured a number of prisoners. 

In the face of oncoming Canadian assaults, German High Command had rushed 4 Divisions to the front. As the prisoners made their way to the Canadian Line, it became ever more clear that the German defences were not going to break - especially as the Corps had been ground down, with depleted Battalions and an absence of ammunition, food, and other war materiel. 

When the smoke cleared, the Canadians had advanced another kilometre and a half, but at a stark cost. For instance, Frederick Loomis’ 3rd Division had suffered 994 killed and 3017 wounded. As the Canadians licked their wounds, those still at the sharp end prepared for the march on Cambrai.