The Final 100 Days: The Hermann Line - October 15, 1918

Another day had passed. Although the war was not yet over, the efforts of millions of men on the Western Front brought it ever closer with each day. 

The launch of yesterday’s Courtrai Offensive had seen stable gains made by Allied Forces, and the momentum carried on into today’s operations. Elements of the 2nd British Army thrust forward, capturing Menin, and gaining a strongpoint outside of Courtrai. 

Allied offensives had mounted sufficient pressure on the Germans, and their northern forces were prepared for a large-scale withdrawal. Their destination was the Hermann Line, an as-of-yet unfinished defence system. 

Running from Valenciennes to Le Cateau, the Hermann Line was one of the last feasible defensive positions for the German Army. Through the coming days, Canadian Forces (in conjunction with British and French troops elsewhere on the line) would attempt to shatter the line and continue their march into Northern France and Belgium.