The Final 100 Days: Continuing Operations - October 16, 1918

All along the Western Front, Allied Forces were taking the fight to the beleaguered German Armies.

In Belgium, Army Group Flanders had pushed Friedrich von Armin’s 4th Army across the Lys River, with King Albert of Belgium’s Forces in hot pursuit. 

The prior day’s operations had seen the village of Menin fall into Allied hands, and the British 2nd Army establish positions outside Courtrai. The strongpoint established by the British served as a jumping off point for today’s operations, which saw part of the city captured by the Allies.

Belgian troops swiftly secured the villages of Iseghem and Cortemark.

Both the 6th and 17th German Armies were entrenched to the north of the Canadian sector. In the face of the 1st and 5th British Armies, and with the threat of an I defended left flank looming, both armies retreated to the Hermann Line. 

Canadian operations would resume the next day.