The Final 100 Days: Over the Canal - October 18, 1918

The previous day’s operations had seen rapid advances made by the 3 Canadian Divisions at the front line. 

Continuing to move with haste, the 1st and 4th Divisions captured 10 and 8 kilometres of respective territory. Over a dozen communities fell into the hands of the Corps on October 18th. 

Both the 1st and 4th Divisions were assigned a squadron of the Canadian Light Horse, a company of Canadian Cyclists, two medium-machine gun batteries, and two armoured cars. Their assignment was not only to cover ground, but also to ensure the retreating German forces always remained within reach. 

As the German Army retreated beyond the war-torn areas they had inhabited for the past four years, the pursuing Canadians found themselves in areas of France never touched by war. Villages evacuated by Germans were relatively intact, and the occupying Canadians soon found themselves being hugged, kissed, and fed by the grateful French citizenry. 

The Canadians consolidated their gains, and prepared for the next day’s advance.