The Final 100 Days: The Advance to Valenciennes - October 20, 1918

The advance towards Valenciennes continued. 

Though the German Army continued their retreat to the Hermann Line, pockets of resistance still presented difficulties to the Canadian Corps. 

Wallers, a small town on the 1st Division’s front, was still staunchly defended. German machine gun positions presented a difficult problem for the 1st and 2nd Brigades. By the evening of October 20th, the positions had been cleared, and a running line on the western edge of the Forêt de Vicoigne established. 

In Belgium, the entirety of Army Group Flanders had crossed the River Lys. The Royal Newfoundland Regiment had closed to positions just a kilometre from Vichte. Once again, stiff German resistance had held up any further advance. 

By the close of the day, the Western Allies had secured the whole of Belgium’s coastline.