The Final 100 Days: Continuing Operations - October 22, 1918

Operations continued. 3 Canadian Divisions still manned the front. 

The previous day’s actions had seen the 1st Canadian Division capture the Forêt de Vicogne before being relieved by Frederick Loomis’ 3rd Division. Fresh from a reserve camp at Queant, the 7th and 9th Brigades crossed the St. Amand - Valenciennes Road and entered the Forét de Raismes.

Through 15 hours of fighting, both Brigades had cleared through 7000 yards of the wood. 

The 4th Division was still at a standstill just south of the Canal de L’Escaut. Stiff defences from the German rearguard forced the 4th to dig in before pursuing any further action.

 On the 21st, General Henry Horne had ordered the capture of any bridgeheads still branching over the canal - but urged the troops not to attempt any crossing over the canal. The 4th Division welcomed the rest, and would only send token patrols and raids over the canal to harass the Germans there.