The Final 100 Days: First Assault on Mont Houy - October 28, 1918

A quiet day for the Canadians. Frederick Loomis’ 3rd Division shifted into the 4th Division’s sector, assuming responsibility for a small portion of their line. 

While the Corps waited in the wings, their compatriots in the 51st British Division assaulted Mont Houy. 

The 154th Brigade attacked at 5:15 AM, supported by 9 brigades of British artillery. Initial waves had captured Mont Houy by the early afternoon, but they were soon driven back by determined German counter-attacks. 

Although due to be relieved by the 4th Canadian Division, the 154th would have to wait. General Currie had asked for a 24 hour delay on the scheduled relief, as the hill was still mostly in German hands. The 154th Brigade would have to fend off repeated counterattacks until the next day.