The Final 100 Days: Canadian Assault on Mont Houy - October 29th, 1918

Following the failed British attempt to capture Mont Houy, it once again fell to the Canadian Corps to shatter the German defences. 

David Watson’s 4th Division relieved the British 51st Division, assuming their positions just south of Mont Houy. The right end of the line was taken over by the 49th British Division, while the right wing was filled by the 10th Canadian Brigade. 

The plans had not changed - the capture of Houy and Valenciennes was still of utmost importance. The method of attack had been adjusted, though. Instead of a full-frontal attack on Mont Houy, a huge artillery barrage would serve as a shattering force aimed at the German defences. 

Kinks were being worked out of the Canadian plans, but the kick-off date for the assault drew ever closer.