The Final Hundred Days: Armistice

As the clock ticked towards November 11th, Canadian forces continued to push into Mons.

A cold mist enshrouded what remained of the defending German Army and the attacking Corps. The contingent forces of the 2nd Division had pushed into the city centre from the south, and by 4 AM they had entered the city centre. German forces had melted away in the face of the Canadian advance.

Mons belonged to the Canadians.

At 6:30 AM, the Canadian Corps headquarters received word that an armistice would be struck for 11:00 AM. Runners were dispatched to every Canadian unit along their 9 km area of the front. by 9:30, most units were informed.

at 11 AM, the guns fell silent, and bells began to ring in Mons.

The First World War was over.