The Final 100 Days: Hustling the Hun - November 4, 1918

Allied forces continued to mount pressure on what remained of the Imperial German Army. Northern France had nearly liberated. German defences in Belgium continued to crumble.

Still, pockets of German resistance remained. The 12th Brigade ran into German defences outside of the village of Quarouble.  Fighting would continue there until the next day.

Stiffer resistance fell upon the 3rd Canadian Divisions. Their advance brought them to the mining village of Vicq. Staunch defenders had hidden themselves in slag heaps, houses, and cellars. Though German forces were still in a full state of retreat, rearguard forces still held onto positions where the ground favoured the defenders. 

Though the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles managed to neutralize many of the slag heap defences, German counterattacks drove them from their new positions. They would return in force the next day.