The Final 100 Days: France Reclaimed - November 6, 1918

The push along the Western Front continued. In the north-east of France, Canadian forces incessantly marched after the retreating German Army. 

France was nearly back under the complete control of the Allies. Near the Belgian border, Canadians engaged in multiple, battalion level operation aimed at capturing the innumerable villages along their area of the front. 

Rivers and canals were everywhere, forcing Canadian engineer units to come to the front. Shaky bridges and rafts were often built under direct fire from the enemy on the other side of the water. 

These were needed as the Corps crossed the rivers Honnelle and Aunelle, straddling the Franco-Belgian border. By nightfall, enemy strongpoints along the rivers had been ground out, and a new (temporary) front line established. 

Elements David Watson’s 4th Division captured a number of villages in their advance, Crespin being chief among them. Through the evening, the 4th would be relieved by Henry Burstall’s 2nd Division.