The Final 100 Days - August 10, 1918

98 Days Until Armistice


The offensive efforts in Amiens carried through August 10th. The Canadian Corps, having advanced some combined 18.5 kilometers over the past two days, continued the push despite mounting German resistance. Battling now over the old Somme battlefields of 1916 and facing a reinforced line of defenses, Arthur Currie divided his sector into two divisions of the 4th and 5th Canadian Divisions and giving the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Canadians a much-needed rest.

The third day in the Amiens offensive resulted in little more than a 2 kilometer gain along the Canadian front. Sweltering heat and a resolute defense put on by the German Army had the Canadians (alongside the British and French forces) paying for every metre of territory. Despite facing this stronger defense, the Canadian Corps once again advanced the furthest into enemy territory over the course of the day, gaining roughly another kilometre and taking the village of Hallu.

Over the past four years, the remains of some 10 men who served with the Canadian Corps have been found around Hallu and subsequently reburied with full military honours in Canadian war cemeteries overseas. With each year, more and more of these men are being found and reburied, a sobering reminder of the sacrifices made.