The Final 100 Days - August 11, 1918

97 Days Until Armistice


Three months removed from the signing of the Armistice, the battle for Amiens drew to a close. 3 days of consistent and determined fighting had sapped much strength from the Canadian Corps, but drew darker conclusions for the German Army. Following the battle, the German Army High Command accepted they had lost the war on the Western Front. Around 30,000 German soldiers had surrendered, in addition to 45,000 further casualties – though the Allies suffered their share as well.

With a new front line drawn, the Canadians were ready to continue their push and their attempt to shatter the German line. Combined casualties of around 11,800 battered the Corps, but didn’t break it. General Currie had preliminary plans for a continued push, but immediate plans were drawn to assault the villages of Fouquescourt and Parvillers.

Acts of heroism took place every day throughout the First World War, but very few were recognized – although that does not discount the ones that were. Victoria Crosses were awarded to 8 members of the Canadian Corps through the course of the battle, 5 posthumously.  This year, No Stone Left Alone works to honour the memories of these heroes, and to hopefully place a poppy on each of their headstones.