The Final 100 Days - August 12, 1918

96 Days Until Armistice


The 12th of August was a day for recalibration along the Western Front. Despite the deep advances made by the Allies over the past three days, a stiffened defense caused more and more casualties day over day. General Douglas Haig called off the offensive to spare the lives of his soldiers, and keep them ready for a more sustained assault later in the month.

On the Canadian Front, initial attempts were made to shatter the trench system just beyond Amiens. Located between the villages of Fouquescourt and Parvillers, the German Army had dug in deep, meaning it would be no easy task for the attacking Canadians. The first day of battle saw around 1.5 kilometers captured by the Corps.

For his actions, Pte. Thomas Dinesen was awarded the Victoria Cross. Capturing 5 machine gun nests and engaging the enemy for over 10 hours, the acts of Pte. Dinesen were truly commendable. Although surviving the war and being buried in his native Denmark, No Stone Left Alone hopes to commemorate Dinesen and other heroes of the Great War this Centennial year.