The Final 100 Days - August 18, 2018

90 Days Until Armistice

The Allies and their constituent forces were in a tight spot. The surprise assault at Amiens had routed the German Army – but although they had been beaten, they had not been broken. The stabilization of German defenses meant the Allies could no longer achieve the same successes they had achieved on the 8th of August, and that (in the words of Sir Arthur Currie) restarting the operation would “cost a great many casualties”. It was apparent that the campaign must continue, but within a different sector on the Western Front.

While the French First Army (under General Marie-Eugene Debeney) and British Fourth Army under Henry Rawlinson would keep the German forces occupied in the Roye region, the might of the Allies would be unleashed on a less-suspecting, less-prepared region. On the 18th, plans were finalized. A French offensive just north of the Aisne River would be supported by British forces, on familiar ground – Arras.