The Final 100 Days - August 23, 1918 - The Second Battle of the Somme

The Second Battle of the Somme

79 Days Until Armistice

Not every day on the Western Front bore witness to a massive offensive. For most of the war, troops on both sides lingered in the lines. Smoking, trying to force the lice out of their clothes, and occasionally taking potshots at the men across the battlefield. Trench life was at one time both boring and nerve-wracking. But this changed with the unorthodox tactics utilized by the Allies during the Hundred Days Campaign. With the British Third and Fourth Armies engaging the Germans at Albert, the Canadian Corps launched a daylight raid to capture a sugar factory just south of Neuville-Vitasse. All the while, Canadian Corps Commander Arthur Currie was planning an assault on Arras, just to the east.