The Final 100 Days - August 25, 1918

77 Days Until Armistice


The German Army was not oblivious to the movements made in the Arras sector. Fully aware of the Canadians’ status as “shock troops”, the preparedness of German forces in the area only made the task ahead more difficult. 

Initially considered for an August 25th start date, General Arthur Currie postponed the attack until the following morning. Objectives were given to the 2nd and 3rd Canadian Divisions, who would be the muscle behind the first stages of the campaign. While elements of the 2nd Division moved on Wancourt & Chapel Hill, the 3rd would move to capture Monchy and the infamous Orange Hill. 

Elsewhere, elements of the British Army captured the villages of Le Sars, Martinpuich, and the key village of Mametz.