The Final 100 Days - August 27, 1918

75 Days Until Armistice

The previous day’s advance on the southern front had ended only a kilometre and a half from Cherisy, with the village of Vis-En-Artois close by as well. These would be the objectives of the day for the 2nd Division under Henry Burstall, while Louis Lipsett’s 3rd Division assaulted Bois du Vert, Bois du Vert, and the village of Boiry.

Stiff German defences and a mud-ridden, slippery battlefield made the day one of the most difficult of the war. Despite this, obstacles were overcome, and objectives secured.

Bois du Vert and Bois du Sart fell to the 58th and 52nd Battalions, while the 43rd gained a foothold in Vis-en-Artois. Cherisy fell at midday to a joint assault from the 22nd, 24th, and 26th Battalions. 

Despite the successes of the day, German defences had inflicted punishing casualties on the attacking Canadians. More than anything, they demonstrated that the morale of the German Army still existed, and the strength of the Fresnes-Rouvroy Line (which the Canadians would assault on the 28th).