The Final 100 Days - September 12, 1918

58 Days Until Armistice

Weeks of preparations paid off for the Allies.

3 Divisions of the British Expeditionary Force assaulted Havrincourt. In spite of steep disadvantages, such as being outnumbered by the Germans by an entire division the 37th, 62nd, and New Zealander Divisions secured the town. 

The American Expeditionary Force also launched their offensive on Saint-Michel. A salient around the town had inhibited communications and transport since early in the war, and served as a perfect testing ground for the Americans. As Saint-Michel would act as the first American campaign organized and undertaken by A.E.F soldiers in the First World War, the eyes of the Allies fell upon them - in a manner not dissimilar to how the Canadians had been observed at Vimy. Over the coming days, the combat effectiveness of the A.E.F would be revealed.