The Final 100 Days - September 17, 1918

53 Days Until Armistice

From their positions at Maissemy, British forces continued their slow, steady advance into German territory, advancing north-west of St. Quentin, and moving towards the village of Ploegsteert. 

The American 1st Army consolidated their positions between the Moselle River and the Meuse Heights. From their vantage point, they could see where they would be attacking in the upcoming Meuse-Argonne Offensive. 

In Macedonia, the rapid advance of the combined Franco-Serbian force continued, as the Bulgarian Army fell apart. Mass desertions and non-existent morale made for an easy task for the Allies, and by the day’s end, they had reached the Cherna River. 

Although their combat effectiveness had been diminishing, the German Imperial Army proved they were far from beaten following their victory at Moeuvres - which had only fallen to the British a week prior.