The Final 100 Days - September 2, 1918

68 Days Until Armistice

After a day of regrouping and resupplying, the Canadian Corp had readied itself for an assault on the Drocourt-Quéant Line. 

The German defences were situated on the front slope on Mont Dury, which rose slowly and provided an open field of fire for the German machine guns. 

The attack commenced at 5:00 AM. A powerful artillery barrage opened the attack, followed by strong thrusts by elements of the 1st and 4th Canadian Divisions. As the 1st Division moved towards their objective - the Buissy Switch - the 4th Division was tasked with capturing Dury itself.

Though difficult, the Corps achieved one of the greatest victories of the war. A week-long stretch of fighting through the Scarpe & the Fresnes-Rouvroy Line had exhausted all 4 Divisions. In addition, the blood cost of the campaign was high. On September 2nd alone, the Corps incurred 5,622 casualties.