The Final 100 Days - September 20, 1918

50 Days Until Armistice

The First World War raged on. As Allied High Command prepared for their coming offensives, front-line units continued to chip away at German forces. 

The British Expeditionary Force had stabilized the line at Epehy. With their position secured, British forces went over the top. Building on the previous day’s success, they captured the village of Lempire, just a few hundred metres south-east of Epehy. 

The British also counterattacked at Moeuvres, with the town falling under Allied control again. The capture of the town by German forces just two days prior proved that while the Central Powers were failing, they were far from completely beaten. 

Elements of the French Army moved beyond Contescourt, captured the day before. Their ultimate goal was the city of St. Quentin, a few kilometres to the north of Contescourt. Like other cities, it had been incorporated into the Hindenburg Line, and acted as an industrial and logistical base for the German Army. The French continued their advance, and would reach St Quentin within the coming days.