The Final 100 Days - September 21, 1918

49 Days Until Armistice

No rest was allotted to Allied Forces, as they continued their fight against the German Army on the Western Front.

Re-establishing a position at Moeuvres allowed for operations to continue, but the attack the day before had left the British short of ammunition, food, and reinforcements. Any attacks would be under-strength, with a lesser chance of success, so operations were suspended for the day. 

Conversely, the British Army was met with sharp resistance just outside of Epehy, while advancing towards Le Petit Priel farm. Through stiff resistance, elements of the Fourth Army managed to capture the farm, and rout German forces. 

The French continued to snake up alongside the St. Quentin, preparing for a strike on the city itself. The small town of Benay fell to French forces as they pushed forward, bringing them closer to the Hindenburg Line, and another step closer to winning the First World War.