The Final 100 Days - September 22, 1918

48 Days Until Armistice

Canadian Forces continued to rest, as new recruits and reinforcements made their way to Canadian camps. The past 52 days, though immensely successful, had cost the Canadians almost 12,000 casualties. The Corps were in desperate need of fresh blood to replace these losses, and to continue the fight against the German Army.

Along the Western Front, Offensive operations were afoot. Allied General Ferdinand Foch had ordered British, American, and French forces to continue the drive and diminish the German reserves.

Though they had not yet broken, the German lines continued to bend. French forces took another step towards an assault on St. Quentin by capturing the town of Vendeul and preparing for an attack on Sancy. To the north, British forces repelled an attack on the commune of La Bassee.