The Final 100 Days - September 25, 1918

In an attempt to recover lost ground, the German Army launched two strong counter-attacks at the British positions at Moeuvres and Epehy. Despite the strength of oncoming attackers, elements of Henry Rawlinson’s 4th Army stood resolute, and neither town fell back into German hands.

Just to the south, the joint Franco-British assault launched the day before ran into stiff resistance outside Selency. Only two miles west of St. Quentin, the Allies and Central Powers met in a fierce struggle for the town. 

Both sides knew how important each and every metre of ground was. For the Germans, each piece of ground lost was a step closer towards defeat; for the Allies, it meant victory and a way home. Though only a few weeks of war remained, these final days would be home to some of the bloodiest battles of the First World War.