The Final 100 Days - September 26, 1918

All along the Western Front, the Allied Forces prepared themselves. Within the next 24 hours, two great Allied offensives would kick off, aimed at finishing the First World War. 

In the north-east of France, just outside of Verdun, the A.E.F and the French 1st and 2nd Armies launched a joint offensive. Situated along a thirty mile front, the operation kicked off at 5:30 AM, following a 6 hour artillery barrage aimed at breaking the German defences. The combined Franco-American force were met with success early on, but not all units were able to capture their objectives - in particular, the 79th American Division encountered huge difficulties at Montfaucon. Though the town eventually fell into Allied hands, the advance had stalled. German reinforcements moved to fill the lines, and prepared for the renewed allied assault. 

In Arras, the Canadian Corp braced for a return to action. The long planned attack on the Canal du Nord was ready to be launched, and the Canadians began to filter back into the lines. Receiving their battle plans, the Corps made ready for the assault, set to begin at 5:20 the next morning.