The Final 100 Days - September 8, 1918


62 Days Until Armistice

Aside from small scale clashes between front line patrols and erratic machine gun fire, the relative “quiet” in the Canadian sector would persist until the 27th of September. Although no major operations were conducted by either the German Army or the B.E.F, battle casualties for the Canadians rarely fell below 100 per day during this period. 

The quiet in the Canadian sector did not apply to the rest of the Western Front, nor the world. As the recently arrived American Expeditionary Force prepared for an assault on the St. Mihiel Salient, German General Erich Ludendorff ordered his occupying forces to retreat to a more defensible position to the rear. The Americans, though inexperienced, were vast in number and battle-hungry; not unlike the Canadian Corps in the earlier days of the war.

As pressure mounted on German forces on the Western Front, British and French forces reached the former Hindenburg Line. With this, the Allies had reclaimed all land lost during the Spring Offensives of 1918 - and more.