The Final 100 Days - August 31, 1918

70 Days Until Armistice

Capitalizing on the past day’s gains, Canadian troops mopped up remaining defences along the Fresnes-Rouvroy Line - including the Ocean Work, a strongpoint that had repelled every attack the day before. 

Victory had been achieved at the Scarpe. Another successful campaign lay behind the Canadians, who had once again paid the cost in blood. Over the course of 4 days, the Corps had suffered 5,600 casualties, and lost 254 officers. 

Though the “over-strength” Canadian Divisions could recover from the glow, the severely depleted British 4th Division could not. To compensate, Corps Commander Arthur Currie placed the reserve 4th Canadian Division on the line - stacking the front with men, and crowding the trenches. 

The strength of the Allies was matched by the German Army. To hold the vital Drocourt-Queant line, German Army Chief of Staff Paul von Hindenburg moved 8 fresh divisions on the line. The Canadians would begin the assault the next day.