The Final 100 Days - September 9, 1918

61 Days Until Armistice

Along the Western Front, the Allies continued to pound the Germans with “hammer and tongs” fighting, while the Canadian Corps took a well deserved rest. 

Former Corps Commander Julian Byng, the man responsible for the victory at Vimy Ridge, continued to mass his 3rd Army for an assault on Havrincourt. The capture of Havrincourt Wood two days prior had secured a secretive and secure massing point for infantrymen, tanks, and ordinance. 

For the purpose of stabilizing the line and gaining a vantage point of the Hindenburg Line, 3 elements of the 3rd Army engaged in combat with the German Forces in the area. Hard fighting throughout the day resulted in a British victory, and position overlooking the Hindenburg Line. 

The French experienced similar success. Continuing their rapid advance, they edged closer to the towns of St. Quentin & La Fere, both occupied by German forces. They would prepare for an assault later in the week.