Thank you for your interest in starting a brand new No Stone Left Alone remembrance ceremony in your community.

If you are looking to organize your own No Stone Left Alone ceremony we have set up some easy steps to get started.

Four Steps to Get Started:

1. Choose Your Cemetery

No Stone Left Alone’s mission is to recognize all military headstones that lie in cemeteries across the country. If your desired cemetery does not have a distinct Field of Honour, just ensure that there are military headstones present and note the number of headstones prior to the ceremony date. No Stone Left Alone will assist in verifying correct numbers with the assistance of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

For more information, contact No Stone Left Alone at 

2. Contact Local Schools About Participation

Once the cemetery is chosen, approach schools near the location to see if they would like to participate in a ceremony at that cemetery. Once you have a school who would like to be involved then complete Step 3 below to begin your journey with No Stone Left Alone!  If you would like to ask us questions before completing Step 3, please feel free to contact us at

3. Register

Once registered, we will e-mail you and assist you in beginning the process of planning your ceremony.

Please register below!

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4. Obtain Necessary Supplies

Contact the No Stone Left Alone head office to inquire about obtaining poppies and wreaths. If your community has a local Legion Poppy Fund office, you may also contact them regarding support for your poppies and your wreaths. If you are unable to obtain supplies please immediately contact our President. The wreath will represent the NSLA Memorial Foundation and stand to represent any missed headstones. Also, consider contacting your local corporate businesses to ask for a kind donation to support the cost of busing the students to their cemetery or to provide them with hot chocolate after the ceremony.