How to Get Involved with Veterans Week

Each year Canada takes part in Veterans Week in order to commemorate our veterans and everything they did to keep our country safe.  We commemorate all those - past and present - who fight and have fought for our country and for our freedom.  War can seem like a topic far removed from our culture nowadays, which makes it even more important that we remember.  There are several ways you can get involved with Veterans Week. 


Plan a Remembrance Day Ceremony

Each year thousands of Remembrance Day ceremonies take place across the country.  Every one pays tribute to the sacrifices of Canadians past and present who fight for our freedom.  Each ceremony generally includes a poem, a playing of The Last Post, and two minutes of silence in addition to other components.  You can also plan to take part in a ceremony as an instrumentalist, the reader of the poem, or ask your local organizing committee how you can participate.


Veterans Week Posters

Each year Veterans Affairs Canada commissions the design of a poster to commemorate Veterans week   to remind Canadians of the sacrifices made by its veterans.  Take a moment to reflect on the posters and remember the significance and contributions of Canada’s military, and how they continue to fight for peace today.


Learn about the Sacrifices of Canadians

The most important thing you can do to involve yourself with Veterans Week is to educate yourself.  Canada has a vast military history spanning from the World Wars to South Africa.  Learn about the courage of Canadians and why we pause to remember them each and every Remembrance Day.  Ask seniors about their memories of the war, whether they fought, and their opinions regarding current events.  Many people are more than are happy to tell their stories and share them with future generations.  We cannot allow ourselves to forget everything our veterans have done, and continue to do, in order to keep us free.  Let us not allow their sacrifices to be in vain.