As an educator, are you interested in providing your students with an experience that encompasses leadership, global citizenship, responsibility, gratitude and respect through remembering? Join us for the No Stone Left Alone experience and visit this page for more info.

About the Experience

Through the No Stone Left Alone experience, culminating with the Ceremony of Remembrance, the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation and its partners are committed to implementing an authentic leadership experience of remembrance for students across Canada. Our goal is to educate, act and engage youth in the importance of remembering and respecting our fallen military veterans and honouring our soldiers. 

After education and preparation, students participate in an engaging, memorable Ceremony of Remembrance that involves placing poppies on each and every soldiers' headstone in the Fields of Honour in cemeteries across our great nation. These events occur during Veteran’s Week each year. The No Stone Left Alone experience also helps raise awareness and funds for our Canadian veterans, serving soldiers and their families.

From 2011 to 2016, the Foundation's quest to honour our veterans has resulted in unforgettable experiences that have been witnessed throughout the world, received numerous accolades from the community, and culminated with the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation's Vice President, Ms. Keely Yates, and President, Ms. Maureen Bianchini-Purvis, receiving the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Why Involve Students

Participating in the No Stone Left Alone experience provides students a unique, heartfelt and authentic encounter which increases their knowledge of the role Canadian soldiers played in historic world wars and peacekeeping missions. It also raises awareness of the sacrifices our military have made and continue to make today. Prior to the annual Ceremony of Remembrance at cemeteries across Canada, school principals, teachers and Canadian Armed Forces work together to empower students to become knowledgeable about Canada's military history and to demonstrate respect.

Intergenerational Relationships with Our Veterans and Soldiers

Held the week prior to Remembrance Day, this somber but momentous Ceremony of Remembrance brings dignitaries, dedicated members, legionnaires, soldiers and volunteer community members together to work alongside students before and during the ceremony. This experience takes learning from traditional classroom settings to a memorable, rewarding and authentic 21st century experience for students. Participation in the No Stone Left Alone Ceremony of Remembrance gives youth an opportunity to put a face to our fallen, veterans, current service men and women - their grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, other relatives, and friends - and gives them a better understanding and appreciation for remembrance, peace and respect. It also helps strengthen Canadian Pride.

Making a Difference

Across Canada, students connect with one another to participate and share in a solemn Ceremony of Remembrance. While the act of honouring our military is of utmost importance, students also gain an increased awareness that they have the power to “make a difference” in their world. Through this endeavor, students demonstrate greater self-esteem, increased motivation to become global citizens and gain a greater awareness of the need for peace. All of this is attained while learning more about our Canadian military history. Students also develop leadership skills by learning the importance of service to the community and learn to respect the cemetery sites as a place of honour.

How You Can Help

Thanks to the incredible support from corporate sponsors, anonymous donors, staff and volunteers, students from the Edmonton area will have the opportunity to explore Canadian history and participate in future No Stone Left Alone commemoration events. There are several ways you and your school can help. We are looking for volunteers, donations and students to be a part of the Remembrance ceremonies.

PEACE, FREEDOM, SECURITY and SACRIFICE are gifts they gave and continue to give.


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Student Participation in No Stone Left Alone Ceremonies Nationally

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