Here is just a small sample of letters from students, reflecting on the No Stone Left Alone remembrance ceremonies:

"This ceremony really reminded me of how lucky I am to live in Canada and to have so many freedoms and rights.  I should thank God every day for everything He’s given to me.  I don’t do that enough.  I’m sure that if someone from a third world country came here, they would be thanking God every time something good happened to them.  When I saw how many grave stones were there, I was really stunned.  I knew how many people died, but that was just a number.  You really never realize until you see it.  Also, when I was putting the poppies down and read the names and ages, it really hit me.  They gave their lives up for us and we should be super thankful for that. Fathers, sons, brothers and sisters; imagine if that was you losing a family member.  I am just so thankful for all the soldiers, and I will be every single day."
- M. F.  

"I thought that the No Stone Left Alone ceremony was a beautiful ceremony. It paid respect to all the soldiers who have served or have lost their lives for our freedom. I don’t feel like a lot of other ceremonies do this, which made this one so special. This ceremony has caused me to think about all those who have made sacrifices so that I have freedom and a structured society. I was so lucky to be a part of the celebration. I got to lay a wreath with the mayor, which was a huge honor. I can’t imagine what it is like to experience war, and I have a lot of respect for those who do. I too feel like all veterans deserve to be honored and recognized for their brave actions and I was really lucky to be able to go to the ceremony. It showed that people do care and hopefully other organizations will do the same as No Stone Left Alone. I found the ceremony very inspirational and I would definitely go again!"
 - B. H.