As an educator, have you ever wondered what you can do to inspire your students to “Make a Difference” in a unique, authentic way? Do you want to engage, empower and enrich the meaning of Remembrance Day for youth? 

By participating in a special Ceremony of Remembrance, students develop the virtues of respect, leadership, citizenship, responsibility and gratitude. They engage with members of the greater community, along with members of Canada’s military through this intergenerational and inspirational hands-on experience. 

Watch the video below for a taste of what your students can experience when participating at a No Stone Left Alone Remembrance Ceremony:

Because a soldier doesn’t serve for recognition. He doesn’t ask for a medal or a pat on the back and he doesn’t ask to be thanked but on Remembrance Day during activities like this; we do exactly that. You pay honour to our fallen comrades, your mindful of our wounded, your mindful of the families who have lost loved ones, and those families that live with torment because they have had a loved one who was injured in a far off land. Through your thoughts and actions, serving soldiers feel appreciated and we gain strength from that.
— Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Peyton, CO LdSH (RC) (Speech to Students - 2013 No Stone Left Alone ceremony, Beechmount Cemetery, Edmonton, AB)

The sacrifices of our Canadian military need to be remembered and honoured forever. PEACE, FREEDOM, SECURITY and SACRIFICE are gifts they gave and continue to give. Our gift to them…REMEMBRANCE, HONOUR, REFLECTION, GRATITUDE and RESPECT.

After participation in the event, students reflect on how this experience has deepened their understanding, empathy and compassion for all who served, serve and will serve! What other educational experience can inspire and ignite LEADERSHIP, PEACE, and CANADIAN PRIDE? Participation in the NO STONE LEFT ALONE Ceremony of Remembrance does all of this while highlighting and honouring our Canadian military history and sacrifice.

If you would like your students to participate in this inspirational experience, please visit this page.