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A donation, the DIFFERENCE it makes!  We cannot do everything the world needs but “make a difference” that WE can do!

You know in your heart the emotions you feel when you think of a trembling young man/woman far from home bravely listening to orders that will change the lives of his/her loved ones that are left behind.

The memories of home, safe, familiar, comfortable and warm, the things you want to relive over and over.  So you fight for them, you educate yourself why so that the final outcome will be clear.  So a “difference” yes they made it, it is called CANADA, home, safe, familiar, comfortable and warm with loved ones.

Our organization holds these values and memories dear and we take seriously that YOU are choosing to give so that we can EDUCATE our impressionable youth to take a direction that a brave military member once did and make a difference.

All of our funds are put towards the movement of this incredible Canadian initiative to HONOUR and ACT by reaching out to those who understand the place we call home.  By ensuring that all receive a poppy of Remembrance we honour their legacy.

So THANK YOU, from our home and native land, the true north strong and free!

If you have any questions in regards to your donation, please feel free to contact me at your convenience and I will be happy to answer your questions,

To make a charitable donation to No Stone Left Alone, please complete the CanadaHelps form below

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All donations must be processed by our national head office located in Edmonton, Alberta. You may designate which community you wish to support and a charitable tax receipt will be issued. 

For more information on donations & sponsorship, please contact:

Randall C. Purvis
NSLA Sponsorship Chairman, Marketing and Media Manager


No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation duly incorporated in 2011
and has since remained in good standing with the CRA. 

Registered Charity: 82212-5506 RC0001

Thank you for supporting our mission.