Why are your ceremonies not on November 11th?

The passion of No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation is fueled by our opportunity to influence and educate the next generation of Canadians. In order to ensure the participation of students, our ceremonies are held sometime prior to the statutory holiday of November 11th. Ceremonies can be held up to a week before, but not after, November 11th to accommodate to conflicting school calendars across Canada.

Can anyone attend a No Stone Left Alone event?

YES. We would love any and all members of the public to attend our No Stone Left Alone events across the country. Please see our Locations Page for more information about ceremonies in your area.

Where does my donation go?

No Stone Left Alone is a registered charity whose mission is “to honour our fallen military and to educate students of the sacrifice of our veterans by placing poppies at their headstones in November."

Since our incorporation, our organization and operations have grown immensely in a short time.  Our veterans, serving soldiers and their families are very important to us. Your donation will make a difference. 

Our fundraising efforts are to bring awareness to EDUCATE the next generation of Canadians’ on the importance of Remembrance.  

The simple ACT of placing a poppy has a tremendous effect on a young student.  We gauge our success by receiving reflection letters from students whose words tell us that this unique and authentic act has changed their views on our military’s past and present history.   

We HONOUR them by performing “Remembrance Ceremonies” in locations from Victoria, B.C. to Halifax, N.S. and many cities and communities in between. We host these somber but most important ceremonies with the assistant of our Canadian Armed Forces and our Canadian educators to ensure that our vision and mission will continue to grow. 

Can I volunteer my skills or time?

The No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation is always accepting the time and expertise of those who care. Please contact our volunteer coordinator for more information about how you can help at info@nostoneleftalone.ca 

How do we contact our local regiments?

Please contact the head office of the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation and we will facilitate the next steps.

Which cemeteries are involved with this year's ceremony?

For a complete list of our locations click here. On November 11, Remembrance Day, please remember to participate in Remembrance events in your community.

When is the right time to start wearing the poppy?

Legion poppy campaign begins on the last Friday in October and goes until November 11. The poppy is traditionally placed "over your heart" on the left-hand side of your chest.

Is there is proper way to place a poppy on a headstone?

Please see the easy to follow one-page guide on the proper way to place a poppy on a headstone.

What happens to all those poppies left at the cemeteries?

The poppies placed on headstones during the Remembrance Events are left there for 2 weeks, at which time, the City of Edmonton Maintenance Crew recovers them. If there is snow on the ground then the poppies are picked up in the springtime. We take every effort to be consciously aware of the environment and ensure all cemeteries are respectfully addressed after the ceremonies. Numerous volunteers also assist in ensuring the pickup of poppies at locations where maintenance is not offered across Canada.

Who is considered a Veteran?

Definition of a Veteran: Any former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who successfully underwent basic training and is honourably released.